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HEL Performance take racing very seriously - it's why we started this company. To produce the most advanced products for use at the highest levels of racing which could then be translated into street use. Tested at the fastest speeds on track over and over. Lap after lap at the worlds finest circuits and at the worlds fastest road races. On the Isle of Man. On every road in every country across the globe - the very best braking performance time after time after time.

We are very pleased to be able to support some of the biggest names in the sport. Our products are used in Moto GP, Moto 2, 125GP, World Super Bikes, World Super Sport, British Superbikes, British Super Sport, British Super Stock 1000 and British Super Stock 600 and throughout the world in localised championships.

British Superbikes

2013 is the third year that the HEL Performance Race Support Truck will be at every British Superbike event offering track side support - We are the only manufacturer who has ever offered this service. Our double deck articulated lorry has a full workshop facility on the lower deck and viewing gallery, lounge, kitchen, bunks and full bathroom on the upper deck. If you are at any of the BSB or WSBK events and see the truck please come in and take a tour. We are supporting the sport we all love and being at the cutting edge of technical expertise. With 75% of all riders in this years British Super Bikes using HEL Performance you can be sure that the product you run on the road is exactly the same as those that run on the track. So if you don't have HEL Performance on your bike the question is simple - What's Stopping You?

Isle Of Man TT

The greatest road race of them all, which pits mind and machine on the most demanding circuit. There is nothing on Earth quite like the Isle of Man TT Races. No other motorcycle race is held on such a challenging track as the 37-mile plus Mountain Course with its seemingly never-ending series of bends, bumps, jumps, stone walls, manhole covers and telegraph poles. The skill, bravery and concentration levels required are immense, with speeds approaching 200mph, and, while difficult to learn and even harder to come first, the rewards for winning on the world famous course are like no other.

No other motorsport event can boast more than 100 years of such illustrious history, rich in tradition and legends, and to have your name inscribed on a TT trophy is to sit with the gods. TT racing captures the imagination in a way no other race can and its sheer spectacle and uniqueness ensures thousands of fans flock to the Island every May and June for their annual fix.

No other motorsport event attracts people in great numbers for an entire period of two weeks except the world famous TT Races, where fans can revel in the Island’s special mix of incredible racing and world class entertainment – and all set amongst the beautiful scenery of the Isle of Man.

We have supplied many of the top riders and teams on the islands and have taken results with Dunlop, McGuinness, Laverty, Martin, Hutchinson, Donald, Amor, Farquhar, Lougher and are very fortunate to have both Maria Costello MBE and Jenny Tinmouth - both amazingly talented riders and mixing it at the front of the field. This year, just like previous events, was a great year for HEL Performance on the Island and included:

  • Senior TT | two podiums | nine top ten
  • Superbike TT | three podiums | ten top ten
  • Superstock Race | two podiums | eight top ten
  • Supersport Race 1 | two podiums | nine top ten
  • Supersport Race 2 | two podiums | eight top ten
  • Five Fastest Lap | Fastest Female | Eleven Podiums From 15 | Most Successful Brake Line On The Island

Previous Year Highlights

  • Senior TT | two podiums | eight top ten | fourteen top twenty | 65% of the field
  • Superbike TT | two podiums | nine top ten | fifteen top twenty | 66% of the field
  • Superstock Race | two podiums | eight top ten | thirteen top twenty | 63% of the field
  • Supersport Race 1 | two podiums | six top ten | thirteen top twenty | 56% of the field
  • Supersport Race 2 | two podiums | six top ten | twelve top twenty | 55% of the field
  • Five Fastest Lap | Fastest Female | Ten Podiums | Most Successful Brake Line On The Island

HEL Performance - What's Stopping You ?

World Superbikes

In 2013 HEL Performance are very proud to announce that they are an Official Technical Partner to the World SBK Championship. Support will be offered at every WSBK event via our unrivalled manufacturing facilities around the globe. HEL Performance have 76 worldwide manufacturing facilities who are able to make the same products, using the same components on the same machinery on a local basis. In this way we support and grow the communities in which we exist. We also work directly with many teams in the WSBK such as FIXI Crescent Suzuki and Honda PTR offering us unrivalled technical information and product refinement which is then translated into the marketplace. The products used at the very top of the Sport are the exact same products we provide to the consumer.

Moto GP

Moto GP is the premier championship of motorcycle road racing currently divided into three distinct classes: 125cc, Moto 2 (250cc was replaced by the new Moto2, 600cc class in 2010), and MotoGP. Grand prix motorcycles are purpose-built racing machines that are neither available for general purchase nor can be legitimately ridden on public roads; this contrasts with the various production categories of racing, such as the Superbike World Championship, that feature modified versions of road going motorcycles available to the public. We have been very fortunate to have been connected to some of the teams in Moto GP, Moto 2 and the 125cc championships including Sauber, In-Motec, Mark VDS and Maxtra.

These are just some of those teams. If you are interested in joining Team HEL please complete the sponsorship application form and we will help out wherever and when we can.

HEL Performance History
HEL Performance History
HEL Performance History
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