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HEL Performance advertise strongly every month - our adverts can be seen in Ride, Performance Bikes, Bike, Fast Bike, Super Bike, Motorcycle Racer, Streetfighters and MCN... Our advertising is as different and mould breaking as our products are. Always new, exciting and ahead of the game.

The HEL trademark logo stands out in the marketplace and has become synonymous with quality, performance and customer care - the three main issues our company is proud of. The logo and brake line kits have appeared on the cover or inside all the major names in UK motorcycle publishing including Performance Bikes, Ride, Bike, Fast Bikes, TWO, Super Bike, Motorcycle News, Streetfighters, BSH, Motorcycle Voyager - the list goes on...

Our adverts appear in the major magazines on a monthly basis but here is a preview of the new British Super Brake adverts for 2009 - 2010 and the amazing Go To HELL which has been used to great effect in the trade press. This followed on after our Ambigram adverts which caused the reader to actually get involved with the advert.

We also include our Red to be Read advertising campaign. The advertising Images pop up in a new window and as some tool bars allow you to stop pop up windows you must make sure pop ups are enabled...

British Super Brake

Go To Hell


Red To Be Read

HEL Performance History
HEL Performance History
HEL Performance History
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